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Transcript of my recent speech for Politics in the park 7/16/2020

My name is Tom Dye and I am running for Brooksville City Council. I want to thank the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to speak to you.


When I decided to run for City Council last year I thought I planned for every possible scenario. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic. Who plans for this sort of thing anyway?


A) Before filing to run, I sought advice from community leaders, business leaders, and especially citizens.

B) I had countless hours of phone calls, in person talks and on-line discussions with lots of people

C) I believe Just saying, I love Brooksville, or “I want to make a difference” is not a plan.


In January, I took early retirement after a long career as an; Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, for small manufacturing firms, as well as large multi-nationals.


I have one sister and my Mom and Dad both worked. Before retiring, my Dad ran heavy equipment for a telephone company and my Mom was a Realtor.


My Parents taught me that I needed to take a stand for what is right, good ethics are an important part of that and most importantly, they taught me to be responsive to others.


If elected I promise to be a responsive to all the citizens of Brooksville, and not just the ones who voted for me.

I developed a plan with a few issues that I felt were important, not only to me,

but to the Citizens of Brooksville as well. All of these are outlined on my website


A) My 1st platform issue that I developed last year, long before the COVID-19 pandemic or the resurgence of National Black Lives Matter protests is straightforward enough.


• If elected, I propose the creation of a volunteer Citizens Board to oversee, and review policing activities within the City of Brooksville. This board would be comprised of Brooksville citizens including Black community leaders, and others. This citizen oversight board would report regularly to the City Council with their findings and recommendations.


My point is…. it only takes one serious incident that could increase racial tensions or worse. We need to do everything we can before it ever becomes an issue.


Some other issues I have proposed include:

  • Finding ways to increase the tax base for the City of Brooksville, without increased taxes.

  • And finally, working to revert our one way streets back to pedestrian/bicycle friendly two way streets. This will revitalize downtown. Its time we stop talking about it and finally make it happen.


Once again these policy issues and others are detailed on my website. (

I humbly ask for your vote, and thank you for supporting me.


Thank You

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