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What do you want from your City?

It seems to me that when I go to a Brooksville City Council meeting there is a lot of talk about process e.g.- how to take a particular vote, etc. than actual voting about issues that our citizens care about. 

Have you ever noticed that when people actually go to the City Council meetings and wait their turn for their two minutes to talk that it seems like the council members look almost like they are bothered that someone would come up and waste their time? I have and it really bothers me.

If you have something that you are concerned about or something that you feel that the City should be doing I want to hear about it. I am not going to make promises that I can't keep, but I will promise to listen and keep an open mind and see what we can do about it going forward.

In the mean time want to get something done?

I will tell you a little secret to help you make your voice heard. Every Brooksville City Council member has a business card right in the lobby of City Hall and on that card is the email address. This email address is a public record, so if you are passionate about something email your City Council, go the the meetings, have your friends, neighbors, etc. sign petitions, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

Email me your concerns, and ideas and let' s see if together we can make it happen.
I am always here to listen, and to act when appropriate.

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