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One way streets in downtown Brooksville have to go

Converting Broad Street and Jefferson Streets in Brooksville was done in 1993 and has been a disaster for our downtown merchants and citizens ever since.

I know first hand as I live near down town off Broad Street and crossing the street can be a real challenge. Downtown Brooksville's amazing historic Main Street area is not the vital, thriving destination it could be, and everyone would agree that this is certainly not a good area for pedestrians or cyclists.

We have the truck bypass on Cortez and I know from our house that large trucks, cement trucks, and others ignore it as my wife and I are regularly woken up in the middle of the night by trucks using their Jake brakes to slow down as they are speeding down Broad Street.

Enough is enough!

It seems like most everyone agrees, convert Broad and Jefferson Street back to pedestrian friendly two way streets create traffic humps to slow down traffic and downtown could become the destination it should be. Personally, I have always imagined a Main Street in downtown Brooksville with really interesting antique shops, a bakery, chocolate shop, even an old fashioned meat market and interesting local merchants. Just imagine what we could be?

 I have been reading articles about it from the Tampa Bay Times how the Visioning Foundation have studied this since at least 2013. Why are we still talking about this if everyone agrees that this is what we want? 

I understand that we have the State DOT, County and other entities to deal with, but this is our city and afterall, and we are the county seat of Hernando County. Sure it would take money and time but if we don't take the first step, the journey never begins. 

So, let's stop talking and just get it done already. I intend to make this issue one of my priorities.

Who's with me? let me know what you think.


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