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Brooksville City Limits

To be perfectly honest, at first I didn't know if this was an issue that I should be concerned about. Then after further research into this and looking at the map of the City of Brooksville City limits, I realized that this was exactly the kind of issue that made me to decide to run in the first place. 

If you take a look at the map of the Brooksville city limits it really does look like the map was drawn to include some areas and exclude others even down to specific streets and houses. 

Plus, the city boundaries do not reflect the development outside of them that is naturally and organically a part of the city. The citizens in these areas may want to vote on issues and candidates affecting them.

I haven't been able to find any type of rationale for these frankly bizarre city boundaries. I have recently been told that this is due strictly because of voluntary annexation. I am not convinced that this is the sole contributor to the problem.



It would seem to me that expanding the limits of the City of Brooksville benefits everybody. I have been involved in discussions with some of our friends and citizens in both the City of Brooksville as well as Hernando County who would welcome a larger voting population for the city as well as increased property tax base for the city.

I am not advocating forcing people to become part of the City of Brooksville Vs. the County if they don't want to as there is no consensus on this effort.

If elected I intend to pursue this issue further and advocate for the inclusion into the City of Brooksville from the County for anyone that wants to.

If these boundaries are drawn strictly from voluntary annexation, then I strongly advocate starting a campaign to let the citizens of the county adjacent to the city limits know about the benefits of being part of the great city of Brooksville. We could dramatically increase the taxbase for the City of Brooksville. The taxes are more expensive in the City of Brooksville vs. Hernando County. A potential solution to this issue could be solved by creating a tax incentive to voluntarily annex into the City. 

I am really interested in what you have to say about this issue. Please contact me, and let me know how you feel one way or another about this issue. If you include your phone number I will call you back and we can discuss this further.






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